Limited Edition Prints

Why digital prints?

Also known as giclee, digital aqueous inkjet printing has become an established medium for artwork printing and reproduction. As with traditional mechanical printing methods, there are a number of variables and techniques involved in the printing process that contribute to the quality and uniqueness of each print. And because my work is ultimately digitally generated, the digital prints I create are original artist prints in and of themselves.

I have been refining my process for creating digital archival prints of my still image work since I begun developing the Suspended Motion Series artworks. Digital inkjet printing had been a part of my professional repitore ever since I started experimenting with digital photography about 15 years ago, so it was a natural choice to use this technique to produce physical prints of my recent digital artworks. I began printing editions of the Suspended Motion Series and digital collage works because I needed another option for displaying my art beyond a digital monitor. Eventually I committed to owning and operating my own large-format printer and am looking forward to more experimentation and variety in my limited edition print runs.


What makes each print unique?

I’m proud to be able to offer limited edition artist’s prints of my works through my website. I make the prints in my studio, signing and numbering them in editions to establish the authenticity and exclusive value of each work. Artworks are printed on high-quality papers using a professional grade large-format Epson digital inkjet printer and aqueous archival inks to ensure consistency and quality for years to come. You can be one of the first to be notified about new limited edition print runs by joining my mailing list.

To guarantee the authenticity and uniqueness of each print, artworks are delivered to collectors with a signed certificate of authenticity. With each print I produce a certificate that includes an image and complete description of the artwork along with the date of printing and my signature.

My still image artworks are produced through a combination of traditional and digital methods, but the final images exist in digital form, so the digital prints are truly original artist’s prints. The prints are currently the only physical reproductions of my work that exist. Each group of limited edition prints is distinguished by its print date and style. Generally the editions are limited to small runs and differ by elements like background color, size, cropping, and other attributes or printing techniques. Some future editions will include individual, unique variations on specific artworks where each print will be altered to be slightly different from the others. Collectors can find edition information for specific artworks on the individual inventory page for each work.


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