Getty Museum videos

Introducing Formal Analysis series

I developed and produced two videos in a new series entitled Introducing Formal Analysis for the J. Paul Getty Museum's Education department. The series adapts as its content some of the most frequently accessed curriculum on, the Understanding Formal Analysis and Elements of Art instructional materials. Targeted towards grade 3-12 teachers and students, each video guides viewers through the process​ of formal analysis by contrasting and comparing two artworks related by genre. The key visual elements of the featured artwork examples are reinforced using terminology from the Elements of Art and Principles of Design curriculum. Ultimately viewers are given an opportunity to reflect on the historical contexts of the works, and prompted to consider themselves in the role of the artist. 







Getty in Studio: Eggs, Rocks & Altarpieces

One of the two pilot video series I was selected to develop and produce for the J. Paul Getty Museum's Education department, Getty in Studio intends to extend the impact of the on-site artist demonstration courses by translating that content into digital form for presentation on the web. The series sought to be truly artist-centered, featuring the artist in their studio as they illustrate their process of making by demonstrating a particular technique or practice. It was also an important goal for the department to connect contemporary practice with historical objects in the Getty’s collection. Los Angeles-based artist Sylvana Barrett made a natural choice for the series pilot as her practice is centered around traditional methods of painting and gilding. She works primarily with egg tempera paint, and has led a number of artist demonstration courses at the museum. Her work is an excellent example of an artist applying a contemporary approach to a traditional methodology.