Music Videos

Flume, Holdin' On

My second music video sample made with DepthKit. I performed to Flume's song and threw some extra trippy color effects on top. 

-August 2013



Cloo + kinect

This video, the result of a collaboration between myself, sound designer Cloo, and dancer Tatiana Lucia, is the first video I produced using the DepthKit. I'm excited to continue exploring ways of altering and presenting imagery created with the system. The possibilities for depicting motion in a new way are in line with my interests in re-approaching representation of the body and performative movement on video.

-May 2013



Jaguar Love, I Started a Fire

Comprised entirely of found footage, primarily culled from 1960s institutional films and ads, I Started A Fire is a cacophony of content celebrating revolution and excitement for the possibilities of the future.

The video was inspired by and features clips from the 1925 German silent film A Trip to the Planets, which incorporates fantastical special effects. Reflecting my aesthetic interest in composited imagery, the video employs extensive overlays and high-speed editing to play against the frenetic pace of the song.

-December 2011