Interactive video journal, week 7: more project feedback

This week I had my second class critique, and received generally good, albeit similar responses to the ones that I received in the first round! I discussed how I had again been focused on experimenting with the system, and had been trying a variety of props and types of movement for capturing as well as playing around with the visualizer system to see how much I could do in post-production with the captured footage. Despite the fact that we are most of the way through the quarter, it has somehow worked for me thus far to focus on the technical aspects of this project as I think that it is really critical that I first understand the capacities of the system before I decide how to apply larger concepts to the work. I feel like I am almost there, but am not quite sure what that ultimate creative direction will be.

My cohort did give me some great suggestions with regards to the technical and post-production side of the project. John noted that since I can export OBJ files from the RGBD visualizer, I could take them into Mudbox or Sculptris and apply them to models etc. This would really open up the possibilities for these wireframes, and I do have some familiarity with ZBrush (3D/2D ‘sculpting’ software developed by the same company as Sculptris), but I’m not sure how much time I have to dedicate to exploring this kind of software and working with the RGBD files in a successful way!

Gene had a great conceptual suggestion that followed some of the visual ideas I explored in my latest round of videos; to think of form, and respond to surface. I am now thinking more about how I could use spaces with some movement, like a garden or a street, where a variety of surfaces could be captured without too much distinct movement. This could create some really interesting contrast between fast movement and dynamic, constant surfaces. I’m going to continue considering his suggestion as I consider what I can capture and render with this system that will be truly visually compelling.

Also this week, I ended up dedicating a great deal more time than I wanted to on my personal website, but I am quite happy with the results. It has videos and other info on my RGBD work, as well as links to my Vimeo RGBD channel. I’m really excited to have the site up and running!

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